Healthibetic - Diabetic Foot Cream. It is not just foot comfort, it is to improve blood flow!
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Transdermal l-argine foot cream
  Diabetic Foot Cream
  Clinically Proven to:

  - Increase temperature 5-8 degrees
  - Increase blood circulation 33-35 %
  - Relieves discomfort
  - Safe and natural active ingredient

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Diabetic Foot Cream that works! 100% Guarantee.

HealthiFeet™ Diabetic Foot Cream with L-Arginine improves the health of the feet for those who suffer from the reduction of circulation. The use of this transdermal L-Arginine diabetic cream significantly improves both temperature and blood flow in the feet. Guaranteed results or your money back.

HealthiFeet Foot Cream is now distributed through many pharmacies and health agencies across Canada and even the United States. Click here to find a location near you!

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HealthiFeet Foot Cream is specifically formulated to treat diabetic foot conditions. However, it has many other functions and applications. HealthiFeet Foot Cream has successfully treated people who suffer from chronic cold feet, peripheral neuropathy and Raynards/Raynauds disease. HealthiFeet Foot Cream is also fortified with very effective moisturizers to help people who have chronic dry, cracked and uncomfortable hands and feet. The mechanism through which HealthiFeet cream works is simple; it is scientifically designed to increase blood flow and circulation in the areas to which it is applied. It is the increased blood flow and circulation that promotes health and vitality.

HealthiFeet foot cream is natural, safe and effective. Please view our FAQ section to read other questions people frequently inquire about and our testimonials page to find out how HealthiFeet foot cream has changed people's lives.


In addition to HealthiFeet Foot Cream, there are a number of ways to help prevent foot infections and maintain healthy, happy, feet. Some of them are:

- Eat properly according to your physician’s or dietician’s recommendations. By eating more frequent, smaller meals (5-6), it is easier to maintain proper glucose levels as opposed to 2-3 larger meals per day.

- Stop smoking, as smoking is a major factor contributing to blood circulatory problems.

- Exercise regularly, in accordance to your doctor’s recommendation

- Examine your feet regularly. The use of a mirror can help examine your feet more easily.

- Wash your feet with soap and water daily and dry them thoroughly. Make sure you clean in between your toes and in the folds of your skin where bacteria and fungi thrive.

- Change your socks regularly. Wear socks made of cotton or materials that "wick" away moisture. If your feet sweat, change socks twice a day and wash them in hot water after each wearing. Use drying powders to help keep feet dry, but avoid corn starch, which feeds any bacteria or fungi that may be present.

- Use proper foot wear. Footwear and foot orthotics play an important role in diabetic footcare. Footwear that fits poorly can cause irritation and injury. Specially designed orthotics for protecting sensitive diabetic feet are also recommended. Select well ventilated shoes that allow your feet to "breathe," and avoid shoes made of synthetic materials. Alternate between pairs of shoes to allow them to air out between uses (it also helps to disinfect them between uses). Diabetic Footwear should also provide the following benefits:

- High & wide toe box (high and wide space in the toe area)
- Removable insoles for fitting flexibility and the option to insert orthotics
- Firm Heel Counters for extra and support and stability.

- For optimal foot health, practice all the steps above while also applying HealthiFeet Foot Cream daily. The regular use of HealthiFeet Foot Cream with L-Arginine significantly increases the blood circulation in the feet. This increase in circulation not only removes pooled glucose but it ultimately allows your immune system to function properly. You will quickly notice that your feet look and feel healthier than ever before.


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Poor circulation in feet (foot ulcer) of Diabetics leads to  87 000 amputations each year. This can be prevented .... Learn more.

Visit our testimonials page to find out how HealthiFeet Foot Cream has changed people's lives.

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Learn more about HealthiFeet Foot Cream and the results in clinical studies on our product information page.

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