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   What People Are Saying About Healthibetic Foot Cream



Until the current methodology was developed, there was nothing available to actively improve the health of the feet of patients with diabetes.

Wellesley, MA 02481 June 16, 2004

HealthiBetic Foot Cream was greeted at the recent American Diabetes Association meeting in Orlando with great enthusiasm.

HealthiBetic is a transdermal L-Arginine cream and has recently been shown to improve blood flow and temperature in the feet of patients with diabetes with impaired foot circulation in an article published in Diabetes Care.

Flow, measured by Doppler was increased 33% at the Metatarsal and 35% at the Achilles. Temperature increased 5 degrees at the Metatarsal and 8 degrees at the big toe.

HealthiBetic is the first and only product for care of the feet of patients with Diabetes which actively improves blood flow, reversing the cause of foot complications in these patients.

L-Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid is the biochemical precursor of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the substance that controls local blood flow by relaxing the smooth muscle lining of the blood vessels.

The research defining this function of nitric oxide was the topic of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. L-Arginine is classified as a dietary supplement and has long been available in oral form.

The transdermal delivery of L-Arginine has been made possible through application of patented new technology coved by US Patent Number 5,895,658 has been issued to Eric T. Fossel and licensed to Strategic Science & Technologies, Inc. of Wellesley, MA.

This patented technology creates a hostile biophysical environment in the cream causing the chemical potential of the L-Arginine to be raised, resulting in transfer of L-Arginine from the cream to the foot tissue.In addition to vascular disease itself, diabetics have abnormally low levels of L-Arginine and abnormally high levels of ADMA, an inhibitor of the enzyme that converts L-Arginine to nitric oxide. The transdermal supply of exogenous L-Arginine helps to overcome these biochemical defects, restoring impaired blood flow.

Impaired blood flow in the feet is a cause of major complications of diabetes. Among these complications are cold, painful feet and ulcers. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to control these complications and the ultimate remedy of amputation is required.

In the United States alone there were over 87,000 amputations last year due to diabetic complications. It is thought that restoring blood flow in the feet of patients with diabetes may prevent ulcers and amputations. Further research is needed to support that expectation.




If you like to share your experience with others...write us.

Dear Sir / Madam:

Of course, you are already aware of how well your foot cream works, but my diabetic Grandmother is convinced that it is nothing less than a miracle. Two weeks ago, she could barely walk. She cried at night and was unable to sleep because of the pain in her feet. The thick socks that she wore to bed did not warm her feet. Her general health was declining rapidly from the constant pain and lack of sleep. She was housebound and depressed.

She showed me an advertisement for your product that she had found in a magazine for diabetics and she asked me to find some for her. After striking out at several local pharmacies, I checked out your website, called and spoke to a very helpful gentleman who answered all of my questions regarding how the foot cream worked and how it would react with the other medications Grandma was currently prescribed. I placed my order with him.

This past weekend, I took my Grandma shopping for an entire day! She was so happy. She sleeps like a baby through the night now. She walked all day pain free. She climbs the stairs in her home. The foot cream has made such a positive change in her quality of life. She cannot believe that doctors everywhere are not informing their diabetic patients about this product.

We have to get this foot cream available at pharmacies in Ontario. If you send me some literature on this product I will personally distribute it to every drug store, clinic and doctor's office in the area of Tillsonburg, Delhi, Simcoe, Woodstock and London, Ontario. You can be sure that I will share this testimony with anyone that will listen. Thank you for this wonderful product.


Deb G., Delhi, Ontario


I am 63 years of age and have Type 2 Diabetes. A good friend recommended that I try HealthiBetic foot cream as I suffer from cracked and cold feet regardless of outside temperatures. In the past, I have purchased expensive moisturizers for persons with diabetes, seamless socks, and expensive shoes in order to take care of the problem with little or no success. As you can imagine, I was apprehensive about spending more money on a foot cream that I did not know would work for certain.

After 2 weeks of using HealthiBetic foot cream twice daily, my feet feel warm and comfortable. The skin on my feet is no longer dry, itchy, or flaky. The cracked skin on my heels and underside of my toes is also healing nicely. I would like to thank your company for providing a product that not only lives up to it's claims but has made my life so much more enjoyable.

I plan on telling all of my friends and my diabetes educator about this great new product.

Myrtle C., Quebec


I had foot care with healthibetic for ten days, after five days only it appears to me that there were slightly change therefore I ordered a bottle so I could go on with the treatment. After ten days there were change I would say of twenty or thirty percent enough to buy A bottle. I would recommend it for those who have bad blood circulation in their feet.

Armand L.St-Bruno Lac-St-Jean


My daughter was searching the internet to see if she could find a product to relieve my uncomfortable feet. I’m 62 years old and have had Type 2 diabetes for several years. In the past 4 years my feet have been gradually getting more and more uncomfortable. She found your product on www.healthibetic.ca and ordered it from your company in July. I received it right away and began using as per the instructions on the box. Within 5 days of using your product I could feel unbelievable relief from my discomfort. It’s been 3 weeks now and my feet feel as good as new. Thank you so much for this product, it’s made worlds of difference to me.

Kelly M.– Trail, BC


I saw your product in the Diabetes Digest and ordered by calling your 1-877-365-Feet number. The service that I received from your customer service representative, Lisa, was second to none. Everything from my first contact with your company to the day I received the product was excellent. I was amazed at how fast and courteous the service was. Lisa had asked me, at time of ordering, to please call her back and let her know how the product worked for me. Well, I must say that after a few days, I can actually sit by the TV, in the evening without my feet wrapped in a heat pad. Thank goodness for Healthibetic, thank you so much.

Frances B.– Oakville, ON


I have tried thousands of products that claimed to help relieve the symptoms of diabetes but I have never felt the results that I have with your product. Within days of using HealthiBetic Foot Cream the discomfort that I felt, has been diminished immensely. I can finally say that my feet feel comfortable again. Thank you HealthiBetic!

Kelsey S.– Berkley, CA


I read about HealthiBetic foot cream in the French Consumer's Guide and decided to purchase 2 bottles for my elderly aunt who suffers from diabetes. I am told that it is the best present that I could have given her and that since using HealthiBetic Diabetic Foot Cream she no longer has painful ulcers on her feet.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec


I was referred to HealthiBetic foot cream by my Podiatrist because I suffer from toe nail infections as a result of poor circulation. Since using your product daily I no longer have unsightly, infected toe nails. My feet look and feel much better.

Sincerely, Carla N. Victoria, British Columbia


I am incredibly grateful for the help that your foot cream gave me.

I was admitted to Hospital in March of 2011 because of a blood clot in my right leg (I currently have a stent in my right leg as a reminder). They managed to restore blood flow to my right foot, but only marginally so. Doppler and other methods of checking blood flow in my right foot indicated extremely low blood flow. The colour of my foot was wrong, and my foot was very painful. I was living on Demerol, Morphine and whatever else was needed at the time.

I am type 2 diabetic and was not even aware of the problems I was causing myself by not managing it. I have always had problems with my feet, and for them to be cold was a normal occurrence. My surgeon kept telling me that I had to make a decision soon. I found your company on the Internet while researching my problem. I ordered your product right then (you should have the order data in your system to verify the dates), and it arrived 2 days later. I started using the cream right away. Just getting from my hospital bed to the washroom in my room caused me 30 minutes of intense pain on return to my bed. Within two days of using your cream, I was able to make the journey and back without pain.

The surgeon in charge of my case, a wonderful man, told me that I had to make a decision soon. I needed to have my foot amputated at mid-calf. I requested a second opinion. It took two days, during which time I continued to use the cream. Another surgeon checked me and said that I had recovered enough blood flow so that at worst I might lose my big toe only. The first surgeon came back and saw me again and agreed. I was discharged the next day, and I still have my big toe as well. I was discharged April 1, 2011.

You can check my order date in your system to verify this all happened within a week of April 1, 2011. I ordered tubes for relatives with foot problems, and I continue to use your product today.

F. W.  Abbotsford, British Columbia


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